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Strawberry Brave

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Kombucha with strawberries from the Gemert strawberry farmer Van Asseldonk. Fruity , but with bravura and certainly not too sweet. The Strawberry Brave is brewed in the strawberry season with fresh strawberries from the Gemert farmer Van Asseldonk. No less than 61 kg of second-choice strawberries go into the kombucha! Second-choice strawberries are misshapen or slightly bruised and therefore not good enough to be sold in stores. They taste at least as good and once they have gone through our juicer you will no longer see the difference. Also nice and sustainable of course! This way, buying kombucha remains fun. When we say 'local', we mean local. You can also find the Strawberry Brave in the Mix 'n Match Box .


You can buy Untamed Kombucha through this webshop and we deliver it throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • always free dispatch in and around Gemert* via, also small orders
  • always free shipping from 24 bottles (59.00) via DHL in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Ordered via PerBakfiets on working days before 11:00 am, delivered today
  • Ordered via DHL on working days before 11:00 am, shipped today
  • for orders via DHL smaller than 59.00 we charge delivery costs: 4.95 for the Netherlands and 9.10 for Belgium

For orders near the brewery, we work together with for sustainable and fast deliveries. Cycling is only allowed on working days. You order kombucha on the weekend? Then it will be delivered on Monday. *Bakfiets cycles to Gemert, de Mortel, Handel, Elsendorp, Boekel, Bakel, Milheeze, De Rips, Beek en Donk, Boerdonk and Erp. Look here for everything regarding deliveries in our shipping policy.

Craft brewed

At the brewery, we cold-press the strawberries so that they retain their divine flavour. Compensating with a little less cane sugar, this kombucha achieves the same perfect sweetness as all the other flavors. Not only our Strawberry Brave, but all our kombucha's are unfiltered, unpasteurized, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan and craft brewed. W e know exactly what goes into a bottle of kombucha. We ourselves also only want to buy kombucha without a complicated ingredient list.

Store kombucha

It's important when you buy our Strawberry Brave kombucha, like all our kombucha, to keep it refrigerated. Our kombucha is not pasteurized and must therefore be stored at a temperature between 2 and 7 degrees Celsius. If you don't do this, the flavor of the kombucha may change. Of course you can also choose to buy kombucha and drink it in one go, but that may be a bit too much. So do you want to buy your box of Strawberry Brave kombucha? Then make sure there is a spot free in your fridge.

Is there alcohol in kombucha?

It's no secret that many people buy kombucha specifically because it tastes good without the alcohol in it, and with us you don't have to worry about that. Our kombucha is considered alcohol-free by law, as it contains less than 0.5% alcohol. In reality, our kombucha contains as much alcohol as a carton of fruit juice that has been out of the fridge for a few days, about 0.3%. This bit of alcohol is a natural by-product of the fermentation process, just like other fermented products such as yoghurt, vinegar, bread and kefir. So you can buy your kombucha with confidence. If you want to learn even more about how this works, check out our blog !

Make your own kombucha

Making kombucha is fun and surprisingly easy! The perfect hobby to have. The ingredients are easy to find at your local store. The only thing you might not find that easily is the kombucha starter. But don't worry, you can buy the Natural Beauty kombucha and use it as a kombucha starter. Our delicious Strawberry Brave kombucha is not suitable as a starter because it naturally contains strawberries. Want to know more about how to make your own kombucha at home? Check out our blog quickly, we've written it all out for you. Includes a kombucha recipe! So what are you waiting for? You can buy your kombucha quickly and easily, with a Mix 'n Match Kombucha box you have both the Natural Beauty and the Strawberry Brave.

  • Gluten Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Vegan
  • Handmade
  • Lactose Free
  • Nutrition information Per 100mL
  • Energy: 76kJ (18kcal) / Fat: 0 gr of which saturated fats: 0 gr / Carbohydrates: 4.5 gr of which sugars: 4.5 gr/ Proteins: 0 gr / Salt: 0 gr

Water, raw cane sugar, green sencha tea, black sencha tea, strawberries, live kombucha culture.

Storage advice

In the fridge colder than 7°C. After opening, consume within three days.

Shipping costs per

Free, sustainable and local! Orders are delivered free of charge via in Gemert, de Mortel, Handel, Elsendorp, Boekel, Bakel, Milheeze, De Rips, Beek en Donk, Boerdonk and Erp. Look here for all conditions.

DHL shipping costs

From € 59, - shipping is always free. In the Netherlands the shipping costs are otherwise €4.95 and in Belgium €9.10. Look here for everything about shipping.

Content per bottle: 33cL

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