The mayor's visit

Imagine: the sun is shining and even inside you get a warm feeling. The birds chirp melodiously creating a sweet symphony that serenades our ears. The kombucha flows and leaves a pleasant and refreshing taste on our tongue. We are indeed talking about what the start of our Untamed Kombucha adventure feels like, and it is nothing short of thrilling and thrilling. We put our heart and soul into making the perfect kombucha, and the hard work certainly paid off.

Courageous Curcuma

Our latest and perhaps best creation is the Courageous Curcuma - a delicious kombucha packed with the perfect blend of Taiwan oolong tea, turmeric and ginger. The care that goes into this creates a harmonious balance of flavors that dance on your tongue and leave a lasting impression. This kombucha is nothing short of delectable and has become a fan favorite in no time.

Mayor's visit

But let's talk about the real highlight of the past few weeks - the visit of the mayor of Gemert-Bakel. We sent him an invitation on a whim, not expecting him to come. And if he wanted to join the party! He arrived on his trusty bicycle, and like a king he immediately had a glass of kombucha behind his teeth. We did everything we could to make the occasion memorable - streamers, confetti, and even a few dance moves were involved. That last one might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we've brightened up the office with some good finds from the thrift stores. It was a memorable event for all of us. The Eindhovens Dagblad was there to report, with a beautifully written article the following day. We made for a morning to remember with our friends, family, the newspaper and of course the mayor!

Mayor Gemert-Bakel Michiel van Veen and Joris van den Broek of Untamed Kombucha toast the first glass

Where is Untamed Kombucha available?

Our kombucha is now available in more places than we can count (on two hands) - from hip beer cafes to cozy eateries and nice local shops in Gemert, Uden, Eindhoven and a few surrounding places. We are pleased with the growing interest and demand for our kombucha. In addition, we are excited to take our Courageous Curcuma, Legendary Lime and Natural Beauty to beer festivals such as Schenk in Aarle-Rixtel and Gimmert Gist in Gemert, where we will tap it to reduce packaging waste. After all, nothing is as 'untamed' as an uninhibited festival atmosphere and we want to share our enthusiasm with everyone.

Third time's the charm

We learned a lot from our bottling experiences, like how important it is to be ready by dinner time. The first two rounds were filled with setbacks, from learning to understand the new equipment, to runaway carbon dioxide and just a little too cozy coffee breaks. But by our third round we had everything under control, and we even managed to fill our last bottle before 5pm. That is a relief, since my dear father had already suggested at the end of our first round that we should start looking for staff. We're constantly improving our process and techniques to meet the growing demand for our kombucha, and we're excited to see where this leads.

Group photo with friends and family at Untamed Kombucha. This is also part of the volunteers.

Take it easy?

We feel like true pioneers, but it's far from time to slow down. We have big plans for the future, and we're excited to see them come to fruition. With our dedication and passion, we believe we can create something truly special, and we can't wait to share it with the world. The future is bright and we are ready to take on any challenges that come our way!