Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about Untamed Kombucha

We ship your kombucha via DHL or PerBakfiets . The last option is for local deliveries only. All other orders go with DHL.

Orders via PerBakfiets ordered before 12:00 on weekdays, then you will receive the kombucha the same day. Order via DHL before 13:00 and you will receive it the next day, except on Sundays.

Other exceptions apply, see our shipping policy here .

Yes, we deliver throughout the Netherlands! Local orders are shipped via PerBakfiets.nl and all other shipments via DHL. Read all about shipping here .

Yes, we also ship our kombucha to Belgium. We do this via DHL. Read all about shipping here .

Yes! Kombucha should be stored in the fridge at 2-7 °C. This is because kombucha continues to ferment if not kept refrigerated. The taste of kombucha can then change, and the carbon dioxide content can also change. To guarantee the taste and shelf life of Untamed Kombucha, it must therefore be kept in the refrigerator.

Untamed Kombucha contains carbon dioxide, so when you shake it you get the same effect as with other carbonated drinks such as beer and cola.

You will find some sediment in our kombuchas, and especially with the Legendary Lime . These can be small particles of fruit or ginger, but also yeast. We recommend gently rolling the Legendary Lime so that everything comes loose from the bottom of the bottle. But don't shake!

You can change or cancel your order as long as we have not yet processed it. We can easily remove bottles from a box, but once accepted by DHL or PerBakfiets, we cannot change or cancel anything.

You can return or bring your kombucha within 14 days of receipt. This is allowed without reason. Products must be returned in salable condition. Read our full return policy here , including costs.

It is possible to arrive by appointment. There is no shop or catering at the brewery, which is why you can only visit the brewery by appointment.

About Kombucha

Here you can read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about kombucha in general.

Kombucha is a fresh, fizzy, non-alcoholic drink that you make by fermenting tea. The alternative to alcohol and soft drinks. It is a natural fermentation process of yeasts and bacteria that use the tea and sugars to make kombucha.

Yes, kombucha is vegan. Only vegetable ingredients are used in kombucha. We use fruit, herbs and spices as seasonings.

Many people drink it as part of their healthy lifestyle. There is no scientific evidence that kombucha is healthy for you. Kombucha is said to be healthy because the bomb is full of probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants. This would contribute to the health of your gut and immune system.

Untamed Kombucha contains much less sugar than soft drinks and is alcohol-free. So you are healthy if you drink a kombucha instead of your soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Untamed Kombucha is alcohol-free. Technically, kombucha contains as much alcohol as an overripe banana, which is negligible. Read our blog about alcohol in kombucha here.

Yes, kombucha is halal. Kombucha contains a negligible amount of alcohol as a by-product of the fermentation process. The same can be found in an overripe banana. Read more about alcohol in kombucha in our blog. And only vegetable ingredients are used in kombucha.

Kombucha tastes slightly sweet and slightly sour. Kombucha is absolutely not bitter or salty. The tea gives body to kombucha. Each sip fuels thirst even more. The aroma of our kombuchas mainly comes from the tea and any additives such as fruit and ginger. In the Natural Beauty you can smell green apple, which comes from the fermentation process.

Kombucha is refreshing and delicious. You can drink it as an alternative to alcohol. For example, if you are sitting on the couch on a Wednesday evening, or if you still have to drive, or just don't feel like drinking alcohol. Kombucha is also a nice alternative to soft drinks. So if you don't feel like too sweet drinks, you can drink a kombucha. It is also much healthier to leave all that sugar.

You can drink kombucha from a glass or straight from the bottle. Kombucha can be extra refreshing if you add ice cubes, but it is certainly not necessary. By pouring it out of a glass you get more aromas, making your taste experience greater. You can also easily make a cocktail from kombucha.

Untamed Kombucha contains only the basic ingredients and additives such as fruit and spices. The basic ingredients of kombucha are water, tea and raw cane sugar. We press all our fruit juices and ginger ourselves, so we know exactly what goes into our kombucha.

A kombucha fungus, also called a SCOBY, grows on top of the kombucha during fermentation. This consists of cellulose, the same material as plants. It looks like it's from another planet and feels very slippery.

The same bacteria and yeasts that ferment the kombucha also live in the fungus. These are also in the liquid below. So you can reuse the mushroom for a next batch of kombucha, although the liquid is much more important. Read more about brewing kombucha in our blog.

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