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What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fresh, fizzy, non-alcoholic drink that you make by fermenting tea. It has a slightly sweet and fresh taste and is the alternative to soft drinks and alcohol. Kombucha may be something new to most people, but it has been around for over 2,000 years. Read our blog about where kombucha comes from here . Don't worry, kombucha is also suitable for making cocktails.

Untamed Kombucha Natural Beauty en Strawberry Brave
Untamed Kombucha Natural Beauty en Strawberry Brave

What does Untamed Kombucha stand for?

Who's that beauty of a bird on our logo? That's a quetzal, a colorful bird which has no limit to its beauty. It stands as a symbol for Untamed. It literally cannot be tamed, because when kept in captivity it will not survive. Untamed and the quetzal are a match made in heaven and understand each other like no other. Live in an unrestrained, whimsical and free manner. Embrace daily life as one and the greatest adventure of all. Take care of yourself, nature and the people around you.

Who is the whimsical master brewer behind Untamed Kombucha?

That's none other than our own Joris van den Broek, a free bird who at an early age, yearning for adventure, went out into the world. A passionate guy with a wanderlust that is hard to tame. He saw half the world and ended up in Paris in pursuit of love. Like a story from the most romantic book. How lovely is that?

Working at a brewpub he fell in love once more, this time with the craft of brewing. Once back in Gemert, he managed a quaint craft beer place, and also studied to become a certified beer sommelier. This is also where he continued his untameable passion making kombucha, which he learned about during his earlier travels. After having had a kitchen full of jars and bottles of kombucha, and much appreciation from friends, he's now brewing at his own brewery allowing many more people to enjoy his Untamed Kombucha.

Untamed Kombucha - Sameen Ansari with elephants in the background in Kenya, Africa
Untamed Kombucha - Sameen Ansari with elephants in the background in Kenya, Africa

And who brings the business mind to the table?

Partnering up with Joris, is Sameen Ansari. With a resume that boasts 15 years of turning small business into big hits and a never-ending sense of adventure, she’s been around the world and back again. Sameen is the embodiment of Untamed.

Her skills in brand development and marketing are a valuable resource at Untamed Kombucha. Sameen brings the party with her endless creativity, inspiration galore, and a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to her rockstar eye for spotting winning potential, our homemade kombucha has gone from small-time brew to the talk of the town. With this flair and originality, it's no surprise everyone is flipping for our kombucha.

Alle soorten kombucha van Untamed Kombucha fotoshoot
Alle soorten kombucha van Untamed Kombucha fotoshoot

How does Untamed Kombucha work?

We do our best to protect mother nature. Our fermentation chamber is heated with waste heat from the walk-in fridge. We prefer to work with local businesses and initiatives, using as many local ingredients as possible and plastic is taboo. We choose different teas for each kombucha and squeeze our own ginger and fruit juices for an unmistakable flavour explosion. We also add hops, herbs and spices as genuine flavourings. So we know exactly what goes into our kombuchas.

Foto's van kombucha van Untamed Kombucha
Foto's van kombucha van Untamed Kombucha

How do you make Kombucha?

Excellent question! Kombucha is made by fermenting tea. We brew a sweet tea that ferments by adding SCOBY. Say what? A Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeast, which for your ease we will translate as a collaboration between yeasts and bacteria.The yeast will turn sugars into food for the bacteria, and they will make healthy acids from it. Yet the absolute secret of Untamed's kombucha is the untameable passion that goes into it every day. Although now it's no longer a secret ...
Legendary Lime Kombucha met een sportieve achtergrond waar je een tennisracket en een bal ziet.
Legendary Lime Kombucha met een sportieve achtergrond waar je een tennisracket en een bal ziet.

Is kombucha healthy?

It's a question that has been on our minds for quite some time. We'd like to believe so, but to this day, no scientific study has been conducted that irrefutably proves kombucha is actually healthy for you. However, like tea, it has been drunk for millennia, and also often with the idea that it fights disease. Many people find it fits into a healthy lifestyle. What we can conclude is that kombucha contains much less sugar than your average soda, and that alcohol is bad for you. Besides, there is very little wrong with a dose of appreciation of the everyday and a healthy dose of adventure, is there? So replace your alcoholic drinks and sodas with Untamed Kombucha. Job well done!
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