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  • Een dikke Kombucha SCOBY in een glazen pot.

    How to grow a SCOBY

    All you need for this is some unpasteurised kombucha without additives such as fruits or spices. Our Natural Beauty is perfectly suited for this.
  • Een kombucha mocktail in een breed champagne glas met limoen en courageous curcuma kombucha

    Kombucha Mocktail Recipes

    Pour our kombucha into a nice glass, add ice and a garnish, and voilà! You already have something beautiful on the table. But when it comes to our kombucha mocktail recipes, we go one step further!
  • Cocktail met kombucha, munt en gember

    Kombucha Cocktail Recipes

    Kombucha and cocktails are the ultimate dream team! We have put together some awesome kombucha cocktail recipes for you here.
  • Playful Passion Fruit van Untamed Kombucha in een bad van hopbellen

    What do you mean by dry hopping?

    We combined the delicious taste of tropical passion fruit with the art of dry hopping. What is that, I hear you ask?
  • Kombucha op tafel met SCOBY, thee, suiker en theedoeken

    How do you make kombucha?

    Our passion for brewing kombucha started at home, and our process today is not much different. Making kombucha is simple, we explain it here.
  • Chinese tempel in detail in een verhaal over: waar komt kombucha vandaan?

    Where does kombucha come from?

    Our story begins in ancient China during the Qin Dynasty. Legend has it that Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi was looking for the secret of eternal youth and vitality.