• Wat bedoel je met dryhoppen?

    What do you mean by dry hopping?

    We combined the delicious taste of tropical passion fruit with the art of dry hopping. What is that, I hear you ask?
  • Kombucha brouwer Joris van den Broek drinkt een Untamed Kombucha in zijn brouwerij.

    How do you make kombucha?

    Our passion for brewing kombucha started at home, and our process today is not much different. Making kombucha is simple, we explain it here.
  • Chinese tempel in detail in een verhaal over: waar komt kombucha vandaan?

    Where does kombucha come from?

    Our story begins in ancient China during the Qin Dynasty. Legend has it that Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi was looking for the secret of eternal youth and vitality.
  • Een SCOBY in een glazen pot kombucha

    Is kombucha healthy?

    So, what are some of the things people think kombucha is healthy for? But is that true?
  • Kombucha in een pot met zwam en doek. Vastgehouden door brouwer Joris van den Broek van Untamed Kombucha

    Is kombucha alcoholic?

    Good news, dear readers, Untamed Kombucha contains as much alcohol as a ripe banana or a carton of fruit juice that has been out of the fridge for several days.
  • Burgemeester Gemert-Bakel krijg het eerste doosje kombucha van brouwer Joris van den Broek

    The mayor's visit

    He arrived on his trusty bicycle, and like a king he immediately had a glass of kombucha behind his teeth.
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