Kombucha Mocktail Recipes

We have our kombucha mocktail recipes here - alcohol-free. We have at least one mocktail recipe for every Untamed Kombucha flavour. For the kombucha cocktails - with alcohol - you can read more here. Pour our kombucha into a nice glass, add ice and a garnish, and voilà! You already have something beautiful on the table. But when it comes to our kombucha mocktail recipes, we go one step further! At Untamed Kombucha we keep sugar levels low, even in our kombucha mocktail recipes. But if you like sweet, don't worry! You can easily adjust the recipes by using a little less lime juice and adding a little more honey or sugar syrup.

Most recipes call for a shaker. If you don't have one at home, no problem! You can still make the recipes by stirring them well in a glass with ice. Honey may be a bit more difficult to dissolve, but you can solve this by pre-mixing it with hot water in a 1:1 ratio. Sugar syrup is basically made the same way, mix 1:1 sugar with hot water and make sure all the sugar dissolves. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! The Silky Sunshine Sipper contains egg white, so you can really only make it with a shaker.

Cucumber Zest Zinger

The freshness of the cucumber and the lively citrus notes of the lime. Let yourself be enchanted by this playful and tantalizing mocktail, which will take you on a sensory journey full of refreshment and excitement. The Cucumber Zest Zinger kombucha mocktail brings an energetic twist to your glass and lets you enjoy an extraordinary taste experience.
Cucumber Zest Zinger kombucha cocktail in an old fashinoned glass with Legendary Lime kombucha


  • ½ bottle of Legendary Lime kombucha
  • 4-5 cucumber slices
  • juice of ¼ lime
  • 15ml sugar syrup


  1. Use muddler (or fork) to mash cucumber slices
  2. add everything except kombucha and garnish to shaker with a little ice
  3. shake hard
  4. pour over ice in Highball glass
  5. add kombucha
  6. garnish with cucumber on a skewer

Playful Pineapple Tease

At Untamed Kombucha we are playful and free, otherwise we would have called this kombucha mocktail Sassy Pineapple Pleasure. As if you were in the tropics, this kombucha mocktail is so fruity. Be careful not to put too much fruit juice in your shaker, because that can quickly dominate.

The Playful Passion Tease mocktail in a tall glass with mint and pineapple and Playful Passion Fruit Kombucha


  • ½ bottle of Playful Passion Fruit kombucha
  • juice of ¼ lime
  • 30 ml pineapple juice
  • 30 ml orange juice
  • pineapple and mint as a garnish


  1. Place everything except the kombucha and garnish in a blender with ice and shake hard
  2. Pour into old fashioned glass over ice.
  3. Add kombucha
  4. garnish with a piece of pineapple and mint

    Silky Sunshine Sipper

    This tantalizing creation combines the smooth, velvety texture with the vibrant flavors of turmeric. You'd almost think we're helping you get your daily portion of protein, but the egg white is in the recipe for the velvety smooth texture. This is Joris' favorite kombucha mocktail recipe for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon

    The Silky Sunshine Sipper mocktail in a wide champagne glass with Courageous Curcuma kombucha and a lime wheel


    • ½ bottle Courageous Curcuma kombucha
    • one egg white
    • 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar
    • juice from ¼ lime
    • lime wheel as a garnish
    1. Put everything except the kombucha and garnish in a shaker without ice and shake dry
    2. Add a little ice to shaker and shake vigorously to create a frothy texture
    3. Pour into wide champagne glass
    4. add kombucha
    5. garnish with lime wheel

    Lemongrass Serenade

    This sparkling creation embraces your taste buds with a melody of lemongrass and lychee. Each sip is like a sweet serenade that tantalises your taste buds and mesmerizes your senses. Perhaps not the ingredients that were already in your fridge, luckily this kombucha mocktail is worth a trip to the store.

    The Lemongrass Serenade kombucha mocktail in a tall glass with a Natural Beauty Kombucha


    • ½ bottle Natural Beauty kombucha
    • 45ml lychee juice
    • 4-5 pieces of lemongrass
    • 15ml sugar syrup
    • juice from ¼ lime


    1. Muddle the 4-5 pieces of lemongrass in a shaker.
    2. Add sugar syrup, lemon juice and lychee juice to the shaker with ice and shake
    3. Pour through a fine sieve into a highball glass with ice
    4. Add kombucha
    5. Garnish with a long piece of lemongrass.