Is kombucha healthy?

Many people say that kombucha is healthy for you, and that it provides, for example, better digestion, more energy and a stronger immune system. At Untamed Kombucha we would also like to believe that kombucha is healthy. But is kombucha really as healthy as it claims? Let's dive into that for a moment.

Insufficient scientific evidence

First of all, it's important to note that not much scientific research has been done on the health benefits of kombucha. Although many people swear by it, there are no large-scale studies to support these claims. That doesn't necessarily mean kombucha isn't healthy - it just means we don't know for sure. Hopefully more research will be done soon so that we know once and for all whether kombucha is healthy for you.

Kombucha and your digestion

So, what are some of the things that make people think kombucha is healthy? One of the most commonly mentioned benefits is better digestion. Untamed Kombucha contains live bacteria and yeasts, also known as probiotics, that can help balance the bacteria in your intestines. This in turn can lead to better digestion and thus relieve digestive problems such as bloating, gas and constipation. At Untamed Kombucha we do not pasteurize or filter, which means that these bacteria and yeasts are present in large numbers in every bottle. This is also the reason that Untamed Kombucha must be kept refrigerated.

Effects on the immune system

Kombucha contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that may help strengthen the immune system. Kombucha also contains beneficial bacteria that may support the immune system by reducing inflammation and fighting harmful bacteria.

Kombucha gives energy

Another benefit that people often mention is more energy. Kombucha contains caffeine from the tea, and B vitamins, which can give you an energy boost without the crash you get from drinking coffee or energy drinks. And because it's a fermented drink, it's easier for your body to digest than other caffeine sources.

kombucha in a jar with the text 'kombucha workshop' on it

Detox with kombucha

Some people also believe that kombucha can help detoxify the body. The liver is responsible for filtering toxins from the body, and kombucha contains antioxidants that can support liver function. And the more alcoholic drinks you give up because you drink kombucha, the happier your liver is.

Health of your joints

Kombucha contains glucosamine, which is known to support joint health. Glucosamine can help reduce joint pain and inflammation, making the supplement popular among people with arthritis. Kombucha could also help with this.

So, is kombucha healthy?

While kombucha has many potential health benefits, it is important to note that more research is needed to fully understand its effects on the body. Untamed Kombucha contains much less sugar than cola and other soft drinks. To reduce your daily sugar intake, it is a good idea to drink kombucha instead of soft drinks. And of course it is always healthy for you to give up alcoholic drinks, and then kombucha is a wonderful alternative. Want to read more about alcohol in kombucha? You can do that here . If you are concerned about kombucha on your health, consult your doctor.

Kombucha is made by two ladies in the Untamed Kombucha brewery

Would you like to try kombucha yourself?

You can order your own bottles of Untamed Kombucha - they come in different flavors and you can also easily combine them in a Mix 'n Match Box. Drink one every day and feel what it does to you. You can of course also follow a 'making kombucha at home' workshop so that you can make kombucha yourself for the rest of your life. You will go home afterwards with your own kombucha and SCOBY - otherwise you will already have most of the supplies at home. Making kombucha is not that complicated at all!